2017 Master Gardener Advanced Education Conference

Registration is now open for the 2017 Master Gardener Advanced Education Conference! Please pass this message along to all Master Gardeners, Trainees, Interns and Staff! September 20-23, 2017, Yakima, WA.

We have waited a year and a half since our last Master Gardener conference, and I know many of you are eager for this one. The folks here in Yakima have been working hard for over a year to put together a conference that the entire state can be proud of.
* There are over 30 fascinating breakout sessions led by key experts and great presenters.
* There are interesting tours to entertain and inform you.
* There is good food, comfortable and inexpensive lodging for your rest and sustenance.
* Throughout the hotels and convention center you’ll find free parking and free wi-fi.
* And… we plan to have a lot of fun!
Get all the details at the official conference website: http://canyoudigit-2017.org. Go there, pick out your favorite classes, your meal choice, the tours that look irresistible, and the hotel where you’d like to stay. Then click the link on the REGISTER page and sign up!

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