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Fall Garden Encore w/Marianne Binetti Workshop, Windmill Garden, September 2nd

Cheers for Fall: Your Garden’s Autumn Encore Performance – learn how to plant and plan for a “second spring” with fresh fall color, renewed container gardens and shortcuts to an Autumn Show garden look. Using hydrangeas, dahlias, mums, foliage plants and late summer color to create pockets of blooms and celebrations of the seasonal change.

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Presentation: The Cocktail that Kills Coho: Stormwater Runoff – Problems and Solutions, Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually Wildlife Refuge

When it rains, a toxic soup of chemicals wash off roads and other impervious surfaces into nearby water bodies. Dr. McIntyre will give an overview on the toxic problem of urban stormwater runoff, its unique ability to kill coho, and some of the solutions that scientists and practitioners are developing.

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Kiwanis Community Garden Work Parties – Growing Food For The Community

Kiwanis grows organic vegetables for the Thurston County Food Bank. There are ongoing activities from now thru fall. For a list of activities and locations, follow them on Facebook at: Saturday, May 27 West Side, 9 AM to Noon,

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