Scotch Broom: Favored Flower to Invincible Invader – Virtual

Tuesday, April 18 – via Zoom
6:30 pm – Membership Meeting
7:00 pm – Topic: Scotch Broom: Favored Flower to Invincible Invader

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Summary: Scotch broom represents not only a devastating threat to native plant communities and the timber industry, but a fascinating example of ecological principles in action. In this talk, Dr. Bode will explain what allows broom to be such an efficient invader, what interactions it has with native and non-native organisms and the status of bio-control species introduced to control it. The future of Scotch broom depends on how we approach it today, with many ways to make things worse and few to make things better.

Guest Speaker: Robert Bode, Ph.D.
on staff at St. Martin’s University

Bio: Robert graduated from King’s West (now Crosspoint Academy) in Bremerton, WA and went east to seek a college education. After getting a B.S. in biology from Hope College and a PhD from Cornell University, he moved back to the Pacific Northwest to work at Saint Martin’s University in 2014. He has been teaching biology and researching Scotch broom since. When not teaching or researching, he enjoys hanging out with his two boys, running, playing Dungeons and Dragons and gardening.