The Master Gardener Foundation of Thurston County is celebrating 25 years of support for the Master Gardener Program. We were incorporated in March 1998 for the purposes of being “solely educational and charitable in furtherance of the Master Gardener Program in the State of Washington”. Our members have raised thousands of dollars to provide education and information on horticulture to the citizens of Thurston County.

In 2005 the Articles of Incorporation were amended to include the Master Recycler Composter Program. We welcome anyone to become a Foundation member AND you don’t have to be a Master Gardener or Master Recycler Composter to join our organization.

On to the next 25 years!

Original Articles of Incorporation:  March 16, 1998

Original Purposes:  “Solely Educational and Charitable in furtherance of the Master Gardener Program”.

Board of Directors:

  • President:  Niven Richardson
  • Vice-President:  Philip Butlin
  • Secretary:  Becky Zeppa
  • Treasurer:  Norman Gallacci
  • State MG Foundation Rep:   Michael McGee

Amended Articles of Incorporation:  November 16, 2005

Amended Purposes:  added “and scientific” as well as “Master Composter Program”, now Master Recycler Composter Program.

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