Microgreens: what are they? – Virtual Presentation

June 15 (Thurs) – via Zoom
6:30 pm – Membership Meeting
7:00 pm – Guest Speaker: Kathy Aust

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Description: Kathy Aust will explain what microgreens actually are, describe the nutritional value of microgreens and how to eat them (meal options beyond salads). She will also touch on how to grow them in your own home.

Bio: Kathy has been gardening all of her life in one aspect or another. The garden is her personal journey and her happy place where she finds peace, tranquility and therapeutic relief from the day’s struggles. Her goal is to teach and help others create a sustainable, enjoyable and healthy lifestyle through their own garden creations and experiences.

She decided to add microgreens to her gardening journey after watching a video on how to grow them. Following lots of research and continued determination, she started her first tray of microgreens in January 2022, which subsequently led to her forming her business, Natural Beginnings Gardens.