As with many organizations, there are committees of volunteers who plan, organize and execute the bulk of the work. The following committees are in place for 2016. If you wish to volunteer for any of the committees, please feel free to contact the listed email or any member of the Board.

Retail Sales
This committee is in charge of organizing the sale of garden related clothing and items with the MG logo at meetings and classes throughout the year.  For further information, contact

This committee is in charge of making and selling handcrafted garden themed items to raise funds for the foundation. New members and ideas are always welcome. Contact

Plant Sale
This committee meets weekly, March through October, to care for a variety of trees, shrubs and perennials for sale at the MGFTC Plant Sale Nursery. Many plants are donated and need to be divided, re-potted and groomed for later sale.

This committee is in charge of keeping our membership records up to date, collecting membership dues and recording attendance at membership meetings. This committee also assists in promoting membership through newsletter articles and the annual membership drive. For more information about joining the Foundation, visit our “Join” web page or contact

This committee is in charge of promotion for fundraising and other Foundation activities. Utilizing developed procedures and a menu of resources, events will be publicized in a timely fashion. Some of the activities include flyer distribution, online event posting and press release distribution. Contact

This committee is charged with development and/or maintenance of the Foundation website. Contact

Fall Fundraiser
The Fall Fundraiser (previously Bloomin’ Bingo) uses a webinar format since the pandemic eliminated in person gatherings. Typically held the third Thursday in September, the event includes an entertaining and educational presentation from Marianne Binetti, our local national gardening celebrity, sharing her passion for gardening with hilarity and witty wordplay. Several prize drawings are held for garden related items. For more information about the Fall Fundraiser, go to


The Communications Committee coordinates with the MG Program and various committees providing outreach to Foundation members and the public regarding Foundation activities. It ensures that the content and format of the MGFTC website and promotional materials have consistent, current messages distributed to increase Foundation visibility and outreach throughout Thurston County.
Contact e-mail: will be posted soon

This committee seeks funding to support the Foundation, WSU and Master Composter/Recycler educational programs, ongoing operations, and enhancement for our three demonstration gardens and the plant nursery in Thurston County. Committee members typically meet monthly to discuss the Foundation’s needs. We then identify opportunities and apply to potential Grantmakers and sponsors that are a good match. Contact


Contact e-mail: will be posted soon